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His full name is Abu-Bakrbn Abi Qughural. He was born in 573AD to a respectable family of the Quraysh, his father’s name was uthman while his mother and she was known as ummul-khayr. In his childhood, Abu baker was a quiet, pure, noble and sincere boy. Abu-Bakr was the first man to accept Islam and he was a very close, friend of ProphetMuhammad (S.a.w) we spent wealth for the progress of Islam. He was the one who brought freedom for Bilal bn rabbi, Amir bnFuharahnawazirah and bintnahdiah. Abu-Bakr was given the title of As- sidiqi.e the most truthful because he was the first person to believe in the miral of the prophet, he was the one that accompanied Prophet Muhammad (S.a.w) during hyah when pagans were pursuing them in madinah his spent his money for purchasing the land on which the prophets mosque was built. He became the first caliph in 622 after the demise of Prophet Muhammad (Sow)


Prophet Muhammad (S.a.w) add not nominate his successor before he died. So the choice of his khalifah was left for the Muslim community to decide. After the death of the prophet, the anser (the helpless) assembled to decide who would succeed the prophet, the Anser(the helpless) assemble in ubaida’s and discussed on who would succeed the prophet the anser(the helpers) argued that it was their right to select a successor from among themselves because they served Islam by helping the prophet and the muhajirum(the emigrant). Abu-Bakrcalmy addressed the anser and appreciated their valuable service to Islam. He however pointed out to them that the mahajirun should also have a khalifah of their own umar objected to the suggestion on the ground that there would be confusion in the Muslim community if two people were appointed khalifah. Abu-Bakr therefore suggested that either umar or Abu ubaidah be appointed successor that either umar or Abu-ubaidah be appointed successor. However, uer and uheidat said that they preferred Abu-Bakr because he Was the first companion of the prophet and he was asked by the prophet to led the Muslims in prayer during this illness. Interestingly, umar took the hand of Abu-Bakr and deckaredallegiance to him. Bauubaidah did the same,he was followed by some anserubaidah did the same. He was followed by some anser in taking the both of allegiance. This way, all the muhajuun and the anser acknowledged him and his led to his appointment as the following words “you have elected me your Khalifahalthough I am not better than you. I need all your advice and all your help if I do right, help me, if I do wrong, correct me. In my sight, the powerful and render justice. You should obey me as long as I obey Allah his messenger if I disobey them, you should for sale me.



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