The “ tashahud” consists of the words in recite in every sitting of our prayers

These are the words with which the beloved messenger of Allah(SAW) greeted Allah on his accent beyond the heavens in a place beyond place a place not even the angel jibril could go

“at tahiyyatual ul. Lah az- zakiyatu lilah at tayyibtus salawatul lillah. Assalamu alaika ayyuha n nabiyyn warahmatu lahi wa barakatugh , assalamu alaiha wa aka ibadi llahi sulihin, ash’ hadu a’la lla ha illa l-lahun wahdahu la , shairka lah wa ash’ hadu anna mauhammadun adbuhu wa resuluti


All greeting belong to Allah, all righteousness is due to Allah. All these best prayer are for the sake of Allah peace,, mercy and blessing of Allah be with you the prophet may peace be without ( too) and with the righteous, servants of Allah.

I testify that there is no god but Allah but Allah and without partner. I also testify that Muhammad is his servant and messenger.



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