Probability II


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Probability II

Probability |

Mutually Exclusive Event

Mutually exclusive events are events which cannot together at the same time. One event will pave way for the other, in such a case the separate probability are added together probabilities are added to give the combined probability.

Additional Law of Probability

If event A, B, C…. are mutually exclusive, the probability of A or B or C or…. Happening is the sum of their individual probabilities.

P(A) + P(B) + P(C) + ……..

Note: use the addition law to solve problems that contain the word or either/or.

Worked Examples

A bag contains 3 red balls, 4 blues balls 5 white balls and 6 black balls. A ball is picked at

Random, what is the probability that it is either:

  • Red or blue
  • Blue or black
  • Red, white or blue
  • Blue, white or black
  • Neither red nor

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