Simultaneous Equations


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In today’s class, we will be talking about simultaneous equations. Enjoy the class!

Simultaneous Equations

Simultaneous Equations |


  • Solving Simultaneous Equations Using Elimination and Substitution Method
  • Solving Equations Involving Fractions.
  • Word problems.


Methods of solving Simultaneous equation
  1. Elimination method
  2. Substitution method
  3. Graphical method

Elimination method

One of the unknowns with the same coefficient in the two equations is eliminated by subtracting or adding the two equations. Then the answer of the first unknown is substituted into either of the equations to get the second unknown.


Solve for x and y in the equations 2x + 5y   = 1 and 3x – 2y   =   30

  1. Solve the following simultaneous equation: 3(2x – y) = x + y + 5 &  5(3x  –  2y) = 2 (x –y) + 1
  2. Five years ago, a father was 3 times as old as his son. Now, their combined ages amount to 110years. How old are they?
  3. Solve simultaneously,   2x + 2y = 1; 32x+y = 27
  4. Solve: 2x – 2y + 5 = 3x – 4y + 2 = -1


In our next class, we will be talking more about Simultaneous Equations.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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