Report Writing and Word Stress


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Report Writing and Word Stress

Report Writing |

A report is a piece of information that gives an account of a certain event given to someone or a group of people.

Report writing is a structural presentation written to give specific information on an assignment or research that has been completed. As a student, you could be asked to give a report on research or an experiment done. A government official may be asked to inspect a specific area and give a report of the assessment.

There are various kinds of reports. You have a technical report, business report, engineering report, accounting report and project report.

Components of a Report

  1. A report should be accurate and clear.
  2. It should be well organised with appropriate subheadings.
  3. A reader should be able to identify and understand the section he/she wants to examine or go through at a glance.

Procedures for Writing a Report

The Planning Process

In planning to write a report, you have to take note of the purpose, audience, terms of reference and fact of findings. These will help you to determine the amount of details required and what to overlook. You need to gather factual and relevant information if you want to write an acceptable and credible report.

The Writing Process

After the planning stage comes to the writing stage which begins with an introduction.  The introduction is meant to inform the readers about the aim, objectives and other useful information about the research.


This is the body of the work which consists of all headings and subheadings. You have to discuss the procedure used, examine the steps taken, justify the methodology, do the analysis of the findings, and lastly, show a good understanding of the content.


This is usually drawn from the evidence, findings and discussion of available materials. This section, therefore, should include the key points, the main purpose of the research, findings, and comments.


This is a summary of the suggestions and possible actions to take. This should be given base on factual evidence.

Finally, the last stage of report writing requires you to check through to verify you have not omitted anything and to avoid grammatical errors.


Write a detailed report on your last prepared meal at home.


You are now aware that a syllable is always stressed in every two or more syllable word you see. If you remember, I advised you to look for this in every new word you learn. Now let me give you some more tips on how to recognize the stressed syllable in some words.

Words with the following endings are commonly stressed on their penultimate syllables. This means the syllable before the last:

-ion:                CAUtion, satisFACtion, eduCAtion

-ic:                   draMAtic, sympaTHEtic, eLECtric

-Ious:              harMOnious, presTIgious, inDUStrious


On the other hand, words with the following endings are commonly stressed on their antepenultimate syllables. This means two syllables before the last:

-ical:               meCHAnical, evanGElical, geoGRAphical

-ian:                amPHIbian, totaliTArian, NiGErian

-ity:                  persoNAlity, coMMUnity, simiLArity


Use your dictionary to recognize the stressed syllables in the following words and see if you can find any stress pattern in them.

righteous                                          fortitude                                tortuous

piteous                                              gratitude                              continuous

incongruous                                                hideous                                 solitude

multitude                                          virtuous                                 attitude


In our next class, we will be talking about Reported Speech and Rhymes.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

Should you have any further question, feel free to ask in the comment section below and trust us to respond as soon as possible.

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