Advantages and Disadvantages of Peer Group 

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In today’s Religious and National Values class, we will be talking about Advantages And Disadvantages of Peer Group 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Peer Group 

Advantages of Peer Group

Peer group is a group of people with common goals and interest with collective action to protect their interest.

It is also seen as a group of people who have many things in common, such as interests, social and economic status, backgrounds, and ages. All ages and backgrounds can form peer groups.

Some Advantages Of Peer Groups are:

  1. Protecting member’s interest
  2. Keeping the Government in check
  3. Providing welfare services
  4. Assisting non-members i.e non-privileged members.
  5. Fighting the cause of the common man in society.

Just as we have things that are of good use, those things can also have some dangers. Let’s look at the disadvantages of Peer Group.

Disadvantages of Peer Groups

  1. Peer Group can make it difficult for government to implement policies
  2. Can make unattainable demands etc.
  3. They may encourage social disorder
  4. Misinformation.

Examples of Peer Group or Pressure Group in Nigeria are: Workers Union like National Universities Commission, The Academic Staff Union of Universities, Nigeria Union of Teachers.



What is a Peer Group?


Reading Assignment

Give four advantages of Peer Group


Weekend Assignment

Give four disadvantages of Peer Group.


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