Africa: Climate and Vegetation


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In today’s class, we will be talking about Africa: climate and vegetation. Enjoy the class!

Africa: Climate and Vegetation

Africa: Climate and Vegetation |


Climate is the atmospheric condition of a place over a long period of time.

Factors affecting the climate of Africa are:

  1. Latitude
  2. Altitude
  3. Distance from the sea or ocean
  4. Ocean currents
  5. Planetary winds and pressure belts
  6. Slope and aspect
  7. Cloud cover
  8. Vegetation
  1. The Equatorial Hot Climate: This is found in the Zaire Basin of Central Africa and the coast of West Africa (except Ghana).
  2. The Tropical Continental (Sudan) Climate: It is found in West Africa and curves southwards into East Africa and Southern Africa.
  3. The Mediterranean Climate: It is found in the horns or tips of Africa in the South-Western part of South Africa (Cape Town) and the North-Western part of Africa (Morroco, Algeria and Tunisia).
  4. The Hot Desert Climate
  5. The Warm Temperate Eastern Margin
  6. The Temperate Continental (Steppe) Climate


  1. Define climate.
  2. State the elements of climate.
  3. Mention the types of climate in Africa.


The vegetation of Africa include the following

  1. Tropical rain forest
  2. Tropical savanna(grassland)
  3. The Mediterranean vegetation
  4. Desert vegetation
  5. Temperate grassland
  6. Montane vegetation
  1. What is climate?
  2. Mention four elements of climate.
  3. Mention the vegetation types in Africa.
  4. State the features of the tropical rain forest.
  5. Mention three features of grassland vegetation.


In our next class, we will be talking about Lumbering in Equatorial Africa (Zaire and Nigeria).  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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