Renewable and Non-renewable Resources


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In today’s class, we will be talking about renewable and non-renewable resources. Enjoy the class!

Renewable and Non-renewable Resources

Renewable and Non-renewable Resources |

Natural resources which are useful to human beings, but when they are abused or mismanaged could harm man and his environment.

Resources are classified into:

Renewable Resources 

They are resources that have a cycle and as such, readily available for man’s use. This type of resources is much more desire able to use because often a resource is renewed so fast that it will have generated by the time it is used up. Examples are solar energy, wind energy, trees, plants, water etc.

Advantages of renewable resources
  1. The resources are renewable and easily regenerated
  2. Renewable energy such as solar produces clean energy that does not pollute the environment.
  3. Renewable sources of energy are available everywhere
  4. Maintenance cost needed to install renewable source energy is cheap
Disadvantages of renewable resources
  1. Most renewable sources of energy are affected by weather
  2. They could be wasted because they are readily available
  3. No optimum use of it
  4. They can cause a natural disaster

Non-Renewable Resources

They are resources that don’t have cycles and as such can be depleted. Non-renewable resources cannot sustain its consumption rate. In other words, non-renewable energy is not sustainable. Examples are fossil fuel (petroleum, oil and natural gas) and nuclear energy

Advantages of non-renewable resources
  1. Availability of fossil fuels and coal
  2. Availability of technology
Disadvantages of non-renewable resources
  1. The resources are not renewable when they run out inevitably
  2. Carbon dioxide and other climate gas are released in large quantities when fossil fuels and coal are used
  3. Environmental pollution
  4. They can be depleted

MEANING: Environmental intervention refers to the forces of nature and the activities of man that change the natural existence of the components of the eco-system.


There are two types of interventions in our environmental.  They are man-made and natural intervention.

  1. Natural Intervention includes Desert Encroachment, volcanism, sea-level changes, Earthquakes, climatic changes, Drought, flooding, Hurricane etc.
  2. Human Interventions deal with man’s interference with the ecosystem through his activities. Human intervention includes Deforestation, pollution, land reclamation, farming activities, construction urbanization, grazing, industrialization etc.
  1. What is Environmental Intervention?
  2. Name the two types of Environmental intervention and give two examples of each.


In our next class, we will be talking about Environmental Problems.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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