Call to Freedom


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Call to Freedom

Call to Freedom

Bible Reference: Exodus 3:1-22, 2:32-35

Freedom can be defined as the state of not being a prisoner or slave. When someone has the right to do or say what he wants without anyone stopping or hindering a man, such a man is said to have freedom when he cannot be affected, punished or restricted without justification reasons. Freedom is the ability to act the way one likes or chooses without being subjected to any unnecessary restrain, threats, fear, or interference. In exercising freedom you act freely, albeit within the law in such a way that your right does not infringe on the rights of others. Freedom does not give you the right to sin or break the law. In exercising your freedom you still have to be sure that others are not hurt.

Moreover, as a nation or individual freedom is highly valued. God gave us freedom so we could serve Him freely without being under pressure. God gave us the freedom to serve Him or not.

Types of freedom

  1. Economic Freedom: this is the freedom to use the natural resources of the nation as well as own a business.
  2. Personal Freedom: this is the freedom for one to live life whichever way he/she wants. This freedom includes freedom of speech, freedom to study whatever you want to study in the university, freedom to join any legal organization you like.
  3. Political Freedom: this is the freedom from foreign rule. They also include the right to vote and be voted for; the right to join any political party of your choice etc.
  4. Social Freedom: this is the freedom from fear- fear of oppression, insecurity etc.
  5. Religious Freedom: this is the right of an individual to follow any religion he/she wants.
  6. Christian Freedom: this includes freedom from the rule of Satan. Christians should try to maintain this freedom. This is gotten through faith in Jesus Christ and baptism. It is also gotten by obeying the commandments of God.

God used Moses to deliver the people of Israel in the land of Egypt for four hundred and thirty years. Freedom is good and desirable but is not always given or allowed in societies. It makes human beings to progress and it liberates. People always deny their subjects freedom because progress, improvement, upliftment, comfort are friends of freedom. The new king in Egypt that didn’t know    The new king in Egypt that didn’t know Joseph said the people of Israel would continue to multiply if their freedom wasn’t denied. God decided to enforce the freedom of Israel. Moses and Aaron went to King Pharaoh to demand that the Israelites be liberated to go to the wilderness to worship their God. All efforts to release Israel did not yield any result until God enforced it. Ex 5:1 -12

The only people on this earth who have the power of choice are Christians. They may choose to sin or not to sin. They have this freedom because they are no longer slaves to sin. So, they may reject it at any time. In the broader sense, Christians may choose or reject everything they think or do in life, whereas the unsaved cannot. Even Christians do not understand what this means. An unsaved person may behave morally and even live a life with many of the attributes of a true Christian, however, this is not what could be called a godly choice (i.e. a God-given response).

There is always a human motive for the moral choices of the unsaved person, even if it is simply for the benefit of a peaceful life and to be considered upright in the community. I am not knocking their moral behaviour, but simply pointing out the source is not of God and therefore has no value in God’s eye. ‘Free will’ is not the topic of this Article, but it enters into it. Do Christians have ‘free will’? Let scripture itself supply the answer. What follows is an examination, in brief, of what the Bible says about Christian freedom. Short Article cannot hope to cover everything involved, so the reader is reminded of this fact. Such a “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

Certain Jews did not understand the words of Jesus, even though they wanted to follow Him. They said that they were sons of Abraham and had never been slaves to any man – so how could they become ‘free’ from something if they had never been slaves in the first place? As usual, they were thinking along nationalistic lines and so they completely missed the spiritual point made by Christ. Jesus gave His answer in verses 34 – 36: “.whosoever committed sin is the servant of sin. And the servant abideth not in the house forever: (but) the Son abideth forever. If the Son, therefore, shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”  Before making this statement, Jesus said that if they continued in His word, they were His true disciples. Thus the last part of His answer can be translated (broadly) as follows: “As such (i.e. as disciples) you shall come to understand what is true concerning God and Man’s duties toward Him, and that knowledge will set you at liberty from the dominion of sin and your slavery to it.”


In our next class, we will be talking about Political Freedom for the Israelite.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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