Call to Service 


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Call to Service 

Call to Service

Have you ever done work for somebody? If you have done work for anybody, it means you have rendered a service to the person. So, service can be defined as the work done for a person, group of people, God, organization, or a community.

Each of us does one thing or the other that another person will benefit from. Any service that does not benefit another human being is not good. For example, an armed robber who steals the property of another person and kills or wounds the person does not render any service. An example of good service is teaching. Our teacher teaches us so that we can acquire knowledge. We come to school to receive knowledge which we will later use to benefit our society as we become doctors, journalists, lawyers, accountants, engineers, etc. In this way, we are also rendering our service to the community. But if as a student we refuse to go to school, we will lack knowledge that can make us useful to ourselves and our society at large.

Life in God’s service (1 Peter 2: 18-25)

Life in God’s service refers to the type of behaviour we should demonstrate in rendering our service. Life in God’s service calls for responsiveness, diligence, responsibility, honesty, and faithfulness. The Holy Bible encourages us that as servants we should be subject to our masters with all fear. We should not only be good and gentle but also be forthright. We should endure grief if we suffer wrongfully. This requires that we should serve both man and God faithfully, diligently, and with all our hearts.

Blessings of service

  1. When we serve faithfully, we will receive appreciation from people.
  2. God will give us a good reward.
  3. We will derive joy from any good service we render.
  4. People will emulate our good service and because of this, we become a role model.
  5. God will favour us as we render good service.

However, rendering service has the following challenges, which we should not allow to discourage us so that we do not lose the blessings associated with giving service.

  1. People may hate us.
  2. It may lead to death just like in the case of Stephen who was stoned to death and Jesus who was nailed on the cross.
  3. Service may cause us humiliation.
  4. People may betray us along the way. For example, Judas betrayed Jesus and Peter denied him.


In our next class, we will be talking about how Joseph Responded to the Call of Service.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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