Sovereignty of God


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Sovereignty of God

sovereignty of God

Sovereignty is the ability to do whatever you want without consulting or taking permission from anybody. It is the ability to independently do all things. God made the whole universe from His volition and power.

God the creator

Before creation happened, the world was without form and darkness was everywhere. Then God created everything, using just the words of his mouth. Below is the creation account from day one to the day God rested from his creative activities.

  1. Day One: God created light because without light there will be no order. He separated the light from dark and the light was named day while the dark was named night.
  2. Day Two: God created the firmament with a mass of water. Firmament means the sky and heaven.
  3. Day Three: God created dry land and seas. The dry land is earth, He also made the seas and rivers on the third day. On this day God also made plants. There are more than 250,000 types of plants and all of them are different from each other. God is wonderful.
  4. Day Four: God created the sun, moon and stars to lighten the earth. Sun to show light during the day and moon and stars to show light during the night. The sun is more than one million times bigger than the earth, but one star is bigger than the sun.
  5. Day Five: God created the fishes in the water, the birds that fly. In other words, all animals in water and air created on the fifth day. After creating them God instructed them to reproduce their kind.
  6. Day Six: God created the animals, all insects, and creeping things. The most important creature created on the sixth day was a man.
  7. Day Seven: God rested, having completed all creations. After God had created heaven and earth; the animals, fishes, birds, and plants. He decided to create the man. God formed the first man, Adam out of dust from the ground, breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being. God created the Garden of Eden and made it a living place for Adam. The Garden of Eden was made beautiful with all kinds of trees and flowers and rivers to water the plant and trees.

The names of God in different Nigerian languages

  1. Names of God in Yoruba: Olodumare which means The Almighty or Olorun (God).
  2. Names of God in Igbo: (Chineke) Chukwu – which means the first force and existence of all beings.
  3. The name of God in Berom: (Birom) Dagwi – which means a source of being.
  4. The name of God in Hausa: Ubangidi, denotes the supreme God.
  5. Names of God in Edo: Osanobua – a description for the one who carries and sustains the world.
  6. Names of God in Efik/Ibibio: Osa-Nudazi, denotes the impregnable and Abası meaning the director of the universe from heaven.


In our next class, we will be talking about the Creation Story.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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