Living in the Community Under God’s Law


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In today’s class, we will be talking about living in the community under God’s law. Enjoy the class!

Living in the Community Under God’s Law

Living in the Community Under God's Law

Law is a set of rules, regulations established to govern people. It is true that people want freedom but it is always good to guide freedom so that it will not be misused or abused. The behaviour and conduct of the members of the society have to be guided in such a way that it will bring peace, coexistence, good relationship with others. Without law, members of a society will have conflicts, confusion, irregularities, cheating, and misbehaviour amongst people will be greatly increased. All human beings are God’s creatures. They live together with one another and also with creatures in various communities. As God’s creatures, the show respect for God by respecting one another. To God, each man is important. Each community makes laws to help each member to live well within the society, without disturbing others in any way. They are expected to help one another develop well into full-grown and responsible citizens. Again we have command, which is another means of regulating human conduct. Command usually comes from the supreme authority and is an order which must be obeyed

Importance of laws

  1. Laws help the society to set a pattern to the people’s way of life
  2. Laws help to maintain order in society.
  3. It makes for the stability of government
  4. Laws bring happiness. When there are no conflicts, the society will be at peace, live happily and members will have good relationships with each other.
  5. It dictates the do’s and don’ts of the society
  6. Laws help to preserve justice and fair play. When society is living without conflict, there will be no partiality and everything will be done according to the rules and regulations. Everyone in society will caution him or herself.
  7. It brings about good government
  8. It protects both the rule and the rulers

Moral lessons

  1. We must obey the Ten Commandments so that our days shall be long.
  2. Jesus came to fulfil the old law and not to condemn or destroy it.
  3. We must obey the law of our society so that it will protect us.
  4. We must learn to be merciful
  5. The law of Christ is written in our hearts
  6. We must have humility in us and be pure in heart.


In our next class, we will be talking about God’s Law in the Old Testament.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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