Civic Education  II

Welcome to class, today we will continue the component of civic education. Enjoy as you follow.

  1. The responsibilities of the government: We will understand the governments’ responsibilities towards us as we pay attention to civic education.
  2. Social problems: Civic education also examines the problems of the society and find ways of solving them.


  • Talent and fulfilment: In civic education, we learn that we should use our talents to serve our country. For example, talented footballers are lifting up the great name of the country with their ta
  • Freedom of the citizen: Civic education makes us understand that we are free as Nigeria We enjoy the freedom to do what we wish, so long as it is within the law.
  • Open mindedness: We should accept new ideas and make progress. For example, we should look for better and easier ways of doing things so that life will be better for all Nigeria We can get new ideas from books, magazines, the Internet, telephones and many other avenues.
  • Healthy competition: Civic education helps us to build healthy competition. We learn to compete with our fellow men and women without feeling hard towards a For example, if people lose an election, they could go to court to express their views. They should not fight or pay thugs to fight for them. If judgement is not in their favour, they should continue to enjoy their lives ås Nigerians and perhaps might win the next time.
  • Democratic practices: We should contribute good ideas to the governance of our country.
  • Academic freedom: Civic education makes us understand that we have the right to education. We should therefore, be eager to go to school and learns from our tea We should do our school work, so that in future, we will become great and help develop our country. We should be free to express what we have learnt.


 I hope you enjoyed the class if you have any question ask using the comment box. Thank you for your time.

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