Civic Education 

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Civic education is a subject that teaches us about our society. It teaches us about our rights as citizens of our country and explains the benefits which we should enjoy. Civic education also tells us our duties and obligations to ourselves, to the government, and to the whole society.

Components of Civic Education

Civic education is the subject that explains our rights, duties and responsibilities ås members of our community. It also explains those things which the government should do for us as citizens of our country.

Civic education is made up of many parts called components. These components are:

  1. Our environment: We learn about the people and things that are around us. We also learn many things about our political and our economic environment.
  • Our political environment deals with the way in which our government rules us.
  • Our social environment deals with the kind of life the members of our society live. It teaches us about our culture and values.
  • Our economic environment deals with working, trading, manufacturing and how to manage money.
  1. Our rights: Our rights are those things we should enjoy as citizens of our country. They are listed below:
  • The right to life
  • The right to dignity
  • The right to personal freedom
  • The right to fair hearing in the court
  • The right to private family life
  • The right to adopt a religion
  • The right to express ourselves
  • The right to peaceful association
  • The right to live in any part of Nigeria (The right to free movement)
  • The right to freedom from discrimination (nobody should maltreat you because of your state of origin or ethnic group).
  • The right to own property
  • The right to vote and be voted for
  1. The laws of our country: When we understand the laws of our country, we will behave better, serve our country better and enjoy more benefits.
  2. Our duties: There are many things which we must do to make our country better. We must learn them and begin to practise them.

Some duties which we have towards our country are as follows:

  • Obey the laws of the country and also the people in authority.
  • Respect the values of our society.
  • Show loyalty to our country by respecting the national flag, reciting the national pledge and singing the national anthem.
  • Uphold the good name of Nigeria.
  • Defend Nigeria by serving her in any way in which we are asked to.
  • Do everything we can to make the community in which we live a better place.
  • Help government agencies to maintain law and order. For example, if we can give the police information which will enable them trace criminals, we should do so.
  • Pay taxes promptly.
  • Vote during elections.
  1. The responsibilities of the government: We will understand the governments’ responsibilities towards us as we pay attention to civic education.

in the next class we will conclude the component of of civic education. if you have any question ask using the comment box. See you in the next class.

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