Democracy II

Welcome to class. In the last class, we started the topic democracy and we will conclude it today.

Importance/Advantages/Benefits of Democracy

  • Representative democracy gives all citizens equal opportunity to vote or be voted for.
  • Democracy allows the citizens’ representatives to be accountable to their electorates.
  • Democracy allows the electorate to elect responsible candidates among numerous candidates.
  • Democracy gives legitimacy to the government. This means that the power to rule is derived from the people and so the people accept and recognise the representatives.
  • Democracy gives the people a sense of belonging. The citizens call the government “our government”.
  • Democracy promotes peace and stability in a country.
  • Democracy enhances the fundamental human rights. All the citizens enjoy their civic, political, social and economic rights in a country.
  • Periodic Election
  • Popular participation
  • Changes of government
  • Good governance
  • Bringing government nearer to the people.
  • Equal opportunities
  • Responsible representatives
  • Legitimacy
  • Sense of belonging
  • Tolerance
  • Participation

we have come to the end of today’s class. If you have any question ask using the comment. Thank you for following me.

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