Drawing With Computer

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In today’s Information Technology class, we will be talking about Drawing with Computer

Drawing with Computer

Drawing With Computer

Artists and other computer users draw, paint, design, using various application packages available to computer users. These application packages for drawing are called graphical application packages. 

Drawing With Computer

Drawing is the use of pencil, crayon or pen on a surface to create lines, shapes, forms and pictures that express views, thoughts and ideas.

Types of Drawing

  • Still life drawing: This is the drawing of lifeless objects, that is objects that have no life e.g. tables, pots, chairs, kettles, bottles, vases and so on.
  • Imaginative composition: A person who does this kind of drawing has to be a skilled and experienced artist because it is done from memory.
  • Life drawing: This involves the drawing of human beings or figures. A model is a person who poses for an artist to draw a particular gesture or action. They are used in life drawing. Part of the body that can be drawn are:
  1. The heads
  2.  The hands
  3.  The legs
  • Abstract drawing: These are drawings that do not look like any particular object. They are used to represent shapes and forms that appear unreal or unnatural.
  • Block drawing: This is the draw in which basic shapes are drawn together to form a figure of a person or an object.

Examples of graphical application packages are:

  1. Adobe Photoshop · 2. Microsoft PowerPoint · 3. Adobe Illustrator · 4. Microsoft Publisher · 5. CorelDraw.

With these graphical application packages, you can draw simple representations of the computer parts on the board. Observe the pictures or diagrams.



What is Drawing?


Reading Assignment

What does drawing with computer entails?


Weekend Assignment

List and explain three types of Drawing.


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