Misuse of Computers

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In today’s Information Technology class, we will be talking about Misuse of Computers

Misuse of Computers 

Misuse of Computers

Computer misuse is the improper or illegal used of computer that affects the mind and behavior of the users in a negative way that cause harm to other

This refers to a broad category of activities wherein a computer is used to improperly or illegally cause harm to somebody else or their property.

Misuse of Computers

Cyber-bullying, hacking, identity theft, and even using a work PC for personal business are all examples of computer misuse also known as computer abuse. 

Just like any other tool, people can use computers to carry out illegal activities or cause damage.

With today’s nature of computer networks and the advent of the internet, criminals can carry out their activities across national and international borders easily creating jurisdiction problems for computer crime investigators. 

Computer misuse comes in different forms. One form of computer misuse occurs when a person uses a computer to commit crimes such as forgery, copyright piracy, and fraud.

Computer crime laws are applied when dealing with these types of computer-based crimes for prosecution. Another form of computer misuse occurs when a person gains unauthorized access to information stored in computers.

In summary, criminals use such information in corporate espionage, ransom opportunity or to further illegal activities such as fraud. Hackers and Phishers use software and spoof emails to gain access past the computer security system.



What is a Computer?


Reading Assignment

Explain what the Misuse of Computers involves.


Weekend Assignment

  • Another name for misuse of computers is called what?
  • Identify five ways to stop the abuse of Computers. 


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