Large Scale Application of Computer

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In today’s Information Technology class, we will be talking about Large Scale Application of Computer

Large Scale Application of Computer

Large scale application of computer

For some, they are familiar with computers solving their mathematical problems. However, over time, we have seen how computers not only solve mathematical problems, but also help in creating a fun place to play games, browse the internet and many other interesting things.

When we talk about the application of computers on a large scale, you can imagine a computer doing big things in different industries, sectors and countries. 

Let’s take a look at how computers work on a large scale.

Computer is used in business organizations for:

  • Payroll calculations
  • Budgeting
  • Sales analysis
  • Financial forecasting
  • Managing employee database
  • Maintenance of stocks, and so on. 

Banks provide the following facilities:

Online accounting facility, which includes checking current balance, making deposits and overdrafts, checking interest charges, shares, and trustee records.

ATM machines which are completely automated are making it even easier for customers to deal with banks.

The computer provides a tool in the education system known as CBE (Computer Based Education).

CBE involves control, delivery, and evaluation of learning.

Computer education is rapidly increasing the graph of the number of computer students.

There are a number of methods in which educational institutions can use a computer to educate the students.

In healthcare:

Large scale application of computer

Diagnostic System − Computers are used to collect data and identify the cause of illness.

Lab-diagnostic System − All tests can be done and the reports are prepared by computer.

Patient Monitoring System − These are used to check the patient’s signs for abnormality

In Government:


Sales tax department

Income tax department

Computation of male/female ratio

Computerization of voters lists

Computerization of PAN card

Weather forecasting



What is a Computer?


Reading Assignment

Identify any three ways in which Computers help you in your studies.


Weekend Assignment

Write the scale in which a computer is applied in the government and health sector of the country.


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