The Script of Scratch Programming II

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In today’s Information Technology class, we will be talking about The Script of Scratch Programming 

The Script of Scratch Programming II

The script of scratch programming II

The set of instructions that is used to program in Scratch is called a script.

Unlike Java, Python, and other programming languages, Scratch is simple to use and does not require writing codes to execute operations. A child can drag and drop images to create an interactive animation.

The Script in Scratch programming is a set of instructions as a stack or collection of blocks connected with one another used for programming. Each block in the script has a separate and unique function and performs a specific task.

Scratch is meant for kids to understand coding in a visually appealing way. It is a tool for making compelling stories and block-based programming. Scratch helps programming games for kids.

Moreover, it has interesting features like a sound builder, photo editor, and event that provide a smooth user experience. It has a simple design so children and parents can understand the technology and learn a new programming language. 

Scratch programming comes with five basic elements. These are; 

Programming Palette– It consists of essential tools required to program and run sprites of a program. For every program element, such as a loop, commands or conditions are available in the programming palette. 

Sprites– These are the graphical elements and the main program characters built using a programming palette. By default, a cat’s image is set up as a sprite. 

Blocks– These are like pieces of a puzzle used to make codes in Scratch. Each block has a different shape to prevent syntax errors. 

Stage Area– It is a place where a program runs. All the actions for a sprite are performed on the stage area. 

Script– It defines what operations must be performed by a sprite. It commands characters what to say or do. 



Why is Scratch Programming important for kids?


Reading Assignment

Why is Scratch different from Java and Python?


Weekend Assignment

Identify the five basic elements of Scratch Programming. 


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