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As students, if there is a moment that you can look forward to to refresh your memory before writing your exams, is the Revision period. And because Revision is a very important step in fostering adequate preparations for examinations, it is important to enjoy it.

Let’s take a look at some of the topics we’ve covered so far. 

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence

Ever since machines were invented, scientists have dreamt of making them learn and perform intelligent tasks – like humans.

Artificial intelligence is a branch of science which is into making machines think like humans. These machines, or computers, can store large amounts of information and process them accurately and at an amazing speed. What they lack is an ability to learn and make ‘intelligent decisions’.

Artificial intelligence, or “AI,” is the ability for a computer to think and learn. With AI, computers can perform tasks that are typically done by people, including processing language, problem-solving, and learning. Artificial intelligence is a tool, much like other types of new technologies.

In summary, AI involves many different fields like computer science, mathematics, linguistics, psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy. Eventually researchers hope to create a “general artificial intelligence” which can solve many problems instead of focusing on just one. Researchers are also trying to create creative and emotional AI which can possibly empathize or create art. 

Career Opportunities in Computer 

Career opportunities in computer

Computer science is the study of computer hardware and software. When you enroll in a degree program, you can choose from many specialized areas of study, from artificial intelligence and cryptography to computer engineering and software development.

Computer science graduates work in various settings, including computer software companies, game development, financial services, and government. They also work in research and for social media companies and manufacturers, to name a few. 

Computer hardware and software engineers are among the customary positions for computer scientists. You may also find yourself working in other fields, such as: 

AI Engineering: Artificial intelligence engineers create computer systems that can do the tasks that humans would otherwise do. 

Information Security Analyst: This position requires you to ensure computer network security. 

Computer Science Teacher: If you love to teach others about computer science, you can earn a teaching certification and work in secondary education. 

IT Project Manager: A project manager leads a team of computer professionals in projects from conception to completion.

In summary, a position in computer science requires good programming skills and knowledge of software development and coding languages. Python, Java, and JavaScript are among the essential languages to know.

Social Media 


Social media is a means by which individuals can connect and express themselves online and through applications. Popular examples of social media include Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Social media is also an online community where the users create and share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content. That is, aside from having a physical community which involves our parents, families and friends, social media can also be termed as a community. 

Social Media are interactive technologies that facilitate the sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression through virtual networks. They are websites and applications that allow you to connect with friends and employers and share personal milestones.

Social media is used for connection and micro-blogging. Media networks are used to share media through the social internet method. Discussion networks exist to establish discussion around a certain topic, and community-based networks connect social media accounts based on geographic location.

Today, social media is known as the collective of websites and applications that allow users to share content and participate in social networking.

Content refers to the information that an individual puts out into the world, whether in the form of a YouTube video or Instagram photo.

Social networking occurs when individuals interact with one another’s content, and it was the main goal of social media when it began, providing college students with a way to connect with one another. This is perhaps the heart and primary meaning of social media–to connect individuals all across the world.

In summary, Social media has changed the landscape of how we communicate and interact with one another. Not only can one talk to someone across the world based on our similar interests, but at any moment, one can share their thoughts and ideas with the world in an engaging way.

Social media allows for culture to grow at an alarming rate, with the most important news available at one’s fingertips.


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