Ethics in Sourcing Chemical  


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Ethics in Sourcing Chemical  

Ethics in Sourcing Chemical


This can be defined as a set of principles that guide people in deciding what is right and what is wrong. It is a set of beliefs and principles that guides people behaviour in their various callings.

Every profession or business has his or her ethics that guide the practice of the profession or business. Chemicals play a crucial role in the life of man, people of integrity use it to provide things that sustain life but at the same time can destroy life if not properly handled or not handled.

Ethics in chemical business can be defined as a set of principles or beliefs that guides people, manufacturer’s behaviour in handling chemicals and chemical products. Ethics of sourcing chemicals The nature of chemicals requires that people who deal in it must have a level of truthfulness and integrity. Chemicals are good substances that can make us live a good life if well applied. For example, it can be used as detergents, toilet soap etc.

Ethics of sourcing chemicals should include the following:

  1. Chemicals should be sourced through licensed vendors with high integrity
  2. Vendors should avoid false chains and distorted facts about the functions of chemicals they supply to their clients.
  3. Vendors should not supply fake and adulterated chemicals.
  4. Chemicals for educational purposes must be carefully packaged and supplied by licensed suppliers.
  5. Delicate and hazardous chemicals like acid, pesticide, plant/weed killers etc. should be sourced and supplied to only users with high integrity who will put them into constructive use Special permit should be obtained from government and relevant professional bodies before sourcing for and supplying of hazardous, flammable, toxic and corrosive chemicals.
  6. No manufacturer or vendor should engage in the production or supply of chemicals that can be used to destroy life or property.

Guidelines for handling chemicals and chemical products as per international practice

  1. Fire extinguishers should be provided in the storage or warehouse for chemicals Appropriate personal protective equipment and clothing should be available for use of the staff of warehouse for chemicals.
  2. All boxes containing chemicals should be kept closed during storage or when not in use.
  3. There should be no eating or bringing of food inside the storage area for chemicals and other hazardous substances.
  4. Adequate copies of Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDC) should be made available in the stores where chemicals are kept.


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