The Department in the Office


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The Department in the Office

Department in the Office

Reasons for the department in an organization

  1. The departments take care of the different aspect of an organization.
  2. Departments help the workers of different aspect to be well coordinated by the department heads.
  3. Functions organization aims towards achieving the organizational goals of various department in an organization.

Classification of departments in an organization

  1. Production department:

The head of the production department is known as the production manager. They engage in the producing of goods and services. Some of their functions are:

  • The production department makes sure the raw materials are converted to goods that will satisfy the consumers.
  • It ensures the right quantity and quality of goods are produced.
  • It ensures goods are produced at a minimum cost.
  • It is related to the marketing department to know the needs of the people
  1. Marketing department:

The marketing department helps in changing and selling the products of the production department into money for the organization. The head of the marketing department is called the marketing manager. Some of their functions are:

  • It works closely with the research and development department to design and package new product It gives attractive colours and names to old products to increase their sales value.
  • It is responsible for identifying and knowing the viable wholesalers to handle the products of the organizations
  • In relationship with the accounting department, it is responsible for the products.
  1. Accounting department:

The accounting department is responsible for keeping the records of all the financial transaction in the organization. It is headed by the chief accountant and assisted by other accountants and clerks. Some of their functions are:

  • It keeps the record of the organization ‘s accounting and financial activities
  • It is responsible for all tax issues relating to the organization.
  • It prepares the Annual Business Accounts for the organization’s Annual General Meeting.
  • It ensures proper and judicious spending of the organization resources
  • It prepares and pays out wages and salaries to workers in the organization
  1. Personnel department:

The personnel department handles all staff matters in the organization; the personnel manager heads it.

Some of the functions include:

  • The department is responsible for the selection and recruiting of staffs in the organization.
  • It deals with staff promotion and staff discipline.
  • It is also responsible for staff training.
  • It ensures good welfare for the staffs
  1. Administrative department:

The administrative department coordinates the activities of all other departments in the organization. The administrative head is usually called the managing director who is the chief executive officer of the organization. Some of their functions are

  • It organizes the management meeting and prepares the minutes of such meetings.
  • It ensures that all policy decisions taken at the meeting are practice.
  • It monitors and supervises the activities of all other departments.
Other departments include:
  1. Planning department
  2. Sales department
  3. Transport department


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