Office Staff


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Office Staff

office staff

Office staff or a clerical officer is an employee or a worker of an organization who performs clerical and administrative duties in an office. A clerk who keeps records concerning the financial transactions of the organization is called an account clerk.

Clerical work

Some of the clerical works or duties performed by a clerk in an office are:

  1. Record keeping
  2. Filling of letters and other documents.
  3. Bookkeeping records
  4. Machine operation
  5. Calculation
  6. Duplication or duplicating work
  7. Collection and keeping records of information
  8. Opening and keeping of files in the office
  9. Distribution of letters that are received in the office
  10. Answering telephone calls.
  11. Filing of letters or any other document
  12. Receiving of visitors
  13. Stapling of documents together by using a stapler
  14. Keeping sales records by the sales clerk.
  15. Keeping financial records by the accounting clerk
  16. He may be asked to make tea and get some snacks for his boss or other senior staff.
  17. Preparation of payment voucher
  18. Arranging document office and keeping them in the office cabinet.
  19. Sorting out needed documents and files from
  20. He may be sent on errand within and outside the organization when there is no messenger in the office.

Qualities of an office staff

The qualities of a clerical staff can be divided into two parts, they are:

  • Personal qualities
  • Job qualities
Personal qualities of clerical staff
  1. The clerk must have a good secondary education of at least West Africa Senior Secondary School Certificate.
  2. He must have the ability to speak simple and correct English or grammar
  3. He should be smart and neat in appearance
  4. He must be polite, cheerful and tolerant
  5. Must be ready to learn new things
  6. He must be a good health i.e. physically fit or sound to do the job
Jobs qualities of clerical staff
  1. The clerk must have an interest in his job
  2. He must be hardworking
  3. He should be punctual to work
  4. He must have a pleasant manner even in an unpleasant situation.
  5. He should have the right skills for his job and know the job very well.
  6. He must ensure that his office is neat and tidy always.
  7. He must not be absent from work without the permission of his boss or superior
  8. He must not gossip about other staff in the office


In our next class, we will be talking more about the Right Attitude to Work. We hope you enjoyed the class.

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