Longitude and Latitude II

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Longitude and Latitude II

Program for distance between two points on earth - GeeksforGeeks

Calculation of distance between two points

 1. On the Longitude

The distance along the Great Circles:

The radius of the earth is approximately 6400 KM. the distance between any two points on P and Q on a great circle is given by the formula

Arc PQ =θ/360  ×2πR

where o is the angular difference between points P and Q.

R is the radius of the earth.

2. On the Latitude:

The distance along Parallel of Latitudes:

Arc PQ =θ/360  ×2πr  Where r = R cosθ

The distance between any two points X and Y along a parallel of latitude is given by the formula

XY = θ/360  ×2πRcos θ
  • Time or Speed of Aircraft:
Speed = ( Distance )/(Time taken)

Time or speed of aircraft can be calculated after obtaining the distance by using the formulae of distances along longitude and latitude

Time taken = ( Distance )/speed


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