Surface areas and volume of spheres and hemispheres 

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In today’s class, we will be talking about surface areas and volume of spheres and hemispheres. Enjoy the class!

Surface area and Volume Formulas

Surface area and Volume Formulas |

  • Solids: 

Solids are three–dimensional objects, bound by one or more surfaces.

  • Volume:

The volume of a solid figure is the amount of space enclosed by its bounding surfaces. It is measured in cubic units.

  • Surface area:

The surface area of a solid is the total area on the surface of a solid. It is measured in square units.

 1. Sphere:

A sphere is a solid figure in the shape of a globe. It is a three-dimensional figure that has all its point the same distance from its centre.

The set of all points in space, which are at a fixed distance from a fixed point, is called a Sphere. The fixed point is the centre of the sphere and the fixed distance is the radius of the sphere.


  • The volume of a sphere = 4/3(πr3) cubic units.
  • Surface Area (curved and total) of a sphere = 4 πr2 square units.

2. Hemisphere:

A sphere cut by a plane passing through its centre forms two hemispheres. The upper surface of a hemisphere is a circular region.


  • The volume of a hemisphere = 2/3(πr3) cubic units.
  • Surface Area (curved) of a hemisphere =2πr2 square units.


In our next class, we will be talking about Longitude and Latitude. We hope you enjoyed the class.

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