Major Political Crises in Nigeria


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Major Political Crises in Nigeria

Major Political Crises in Nigeria |


It was Alhaji Waziri who led the group of Nigerians that formed the NPP. Other members were, Chief Adeniran Ogunsanya who later became the chairman of the party, Chief Olu Akinfosile, Chief Mathew T. Mbu, Dr Obi Wali Chief Sam Mbakwe, Chief Dominic Nwaobodo, Chief Solomon Lar, Alhaji Ado Ibrahim etc. Chief Nnamdi Azikiwe joined the party after its formation and later became its leader and presidential candidate.

  1. To promote and sustain the unity of Nigeria.
  2. To work towards the full employment of all Nigerians.
  3. For a better standard of living by providing shelter and food.
  4. To work for a secular state that upholds democracy, rule of law and guarantee fundamental, human rights.
  5. To work towards a virile and self-reliant economy.
  1. The party won gubernatorial elections and controlled three states of Imo, Anambra and Plateau.
  2. The party contributed to producing prominent politicians in Nigeria.
  3. The party served as a link between the government and the people.
  4. The party co-operated with the ruling party in government to ensure a sustainable second republic administration.
  5. It helped to recruit leaders to political offices in the government as well as in the parties.


The great Nigeria People’s Party was formed by Alhaji Ibrahim Waziri who was a founding member of NPP. He left NPP as a result of disagreement he had with other members of the party caucus over the post of party chairman and presidential candidate and formed the GNPP. Alhaji Ibrahim Waziri the author and advocate of Politics without Bitterness became the national leader and the presidential candidate of the party. The party won and controlled states of Borno and Gongola.


The People Redemption Party was formed by Mallam Aminu Kano who became the party’s national leader and the presidential candidate. The party won gubernatorial elections and controlled two states of Kano and Kaduna.

The last party to be registered, Nigeria Advance Party (NAP) was formed by a Lagos lawyer Mr Tunji Braithwaite. The party was registered after the 1979 general election and it contested the 1983 elections but did not win the presidency or any gubernatorial election.

  1. State five aims and objectives of NPP.
  2. Give 4 achievements of NPP.
  3. What contribution did PRP make?
  4. State 6 features of the Macpherson constitution.
  5. Highlight the recommendations made at the London constitutional conference of 1953.


In our next class, we will be talking about Action Group Crises of 1962 and Federal Election Crises of 1964.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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