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Nationalism |

Nationalism may be defined as the efforts made by Africans to oppose or reject colonial rule. It is the love and pride in a country shown by its people or the desire by a racial group to form an independent country. It could also be seen as a sense of oneness that emerges from social groups trying to control their destiny, environment and to defend their group against competing groups.


  1. Western Education: Western education provided a common language with which West Africa used to fight colonialism.
  2. World Depression: The First World War caused World economic depression which brought about untold hardships and agitation for self-government.
  3. Economic Exploitation: Monopoly of trade in West Africa by European firms or companies and its exploitation gave rise to the growth of nationalism.
  4. Lack of Educational Facilities: The missionaries did not have enough money to finance the system. The essence of the education was to enable the blacks to read and write not to produce manpower.
  5. High Cost of Living: The rise in prices of goods and services which resulted in a high cost of living and fall in the standard of living increased the agitation for self-government.
  6. The emergence of Political Parties: The demand for increased participation in the political process by parties helped the growth of nationalism.
  7. Religion: The activities of Christian missionaries that disregarded Africa tradition and culture played a significant role in the rise of nationalism in West Africa.
  8. Heavy Taxes: The heavy taxes imposed on Africans and the control of the money realized from such taxation helped to spark off nationalist activities in West Africa.
  9. Racial Discrimination: The racial discrimination in the civil service practised by the rulers gave rise to the growth of nationalism in West Africa.
  1. Explain the features of Nationalism before the Second World War.
  2. Identify six nationalists that fought for independence in Nigeria.
  3. Discuss how World depression led to nationalist activities in West Africa.
  4. How did a high cost of living contributed to the rise of nationalism?
  5. Discuss the strategies employed by nationalist movements in campaigning against colonialism in West Africa.


In our next class, we will be talking more about Nationalism.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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