The Nigeria Civil War


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The Nigeria Civil War

The Nigeria Civil War |


Main Features

  1. The PRP won the gubernatorial election in 1979 in Kaduna state and Alhaji Balarabe Musa its flag bearer became governor of the state on October 1, 1979
  2. PRP as a party did not have the majority seats in the state assembly.
  3. The NPN that won the majority seats in the House had both the speaker of the House and the majority leader.
  4. In adherence to the constitutional provision which required the governor to present his nominated candidates as commissioners to the State House of Assembly.
  5. Alhaji Balarabe Musa presented the list of his nominated commissioners for three good times and the House rejected the lists for three good times.
  6. This led to the strained relationship between the executive and the legislatures.
  7. The NPN controlled legislature was bent on removing the governor through the process known as impeachment.
  8. Different charges and accusations of different proportions were levelled against the governor, so as to create enough reasons for his impeachment or removal.
  9. Some state assemblies in the country came in to mediate but all to no avail. The legislators were determined to remove the governor.
  10. The report of the committee set up to investigate the allegations was adopted and the speaker of the House, Alhaji Mamman Dan Musa served the impeachment notice on the governor as the governor of Kaduna State.
  1. State 6 main provisions of the 1963 republican constitution.
  2. Give 5 disadvantages of the constitution.
  3. Explain the composition of the federal legislature under the 1963 republican constitution.


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