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Today, we’re going to learn about some important groups called Christian missions (churches) that have come to Nigeria. These groups have played a big part in our country’s history. Let’s see who they are!

List of various Christian missions (churches) now operating in Nigeria.

List of Christian missions (churches) now operating in Nigeria includes

  1. Wesleyan Missionary Society
  2. Church Missionary Society
  3. Baptist Mission
  4. Methodist Mission
  5. Anglican Church
  6. Salvation Army
  7. Assemblies of God mission
  8. Presbyterian Church
  9. Sudan United Mission (S.U.M)
  10. Sudan Interior Mission (S. I. M)
  11. Church of Scotland Mission
  12. Latter-day Saints
  • Approximate dates of the arrival of the missionaries.

The mission churches arrived in Nigeria at different dates. Church Missionary Society missionaries came on December 1842 and were firmly established in Abeokuta (1846), Lagos (1851), Ibadan (1853), and Oyo (1856). Baptist missionaries headed by the American evangelist, started work from Ogbomosho in 1855. Also, the Church of Scotland headed by the Rev. Hope Waddell started pioneering work, in 1846 in Calabar. The Roman Catholic Mission came to Nigeria in 1860 and Wesleyan Missionary Society came on September 1842.

  • The activities of the early missionaries

Before the missionaries came to Nigeria, there were no Christians in the country. The people in Nigeria and their traditions in which they believed and worship God. They believed in juju, magic, and witchcraft.

They believed in and practiced rituals to make money and do many things like killing twins. When the missionaries arrived, some of these evils practiced stopped. Before they came, Nigerians were uneducated. On their arrival, they built schools and many people were educated.

The missionaries preached the gospel of Jesus and many people became Christian.



  1. It is good to extend the love of God like the missionaries
  2. We should be ambassador of Christ like the missionaries
  3. The coming of the missionaries helped to put a stop to all the ritual practices
  4. The coming of the missionaries brought civilization and education to Nigeria



1. Can you name 4 Christian Missions in Nigeria?

  • Baptist Mission
  • Methodist Mission
  • Anglican Church
  • Catholic Mission

2. What are 2 important things the early missionaries did in Nigeria?

  • They helped stop harmful practices.
  • They brought education and new ways of thinking.


3. When did the Baptist Mission arrive in Nigeria?

  • February 1849


Remember, students, learning about our past helps us appreciate our present and build a better future. The story of Christianity in Nigeria is a story of change, learning, and growing together as a nation. Keep exploring and keep learning

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  1. Nigerians were not uneducated. We had systems of education that was slightly different from the European’s style. In the north, Arabic was already being taught in a formal setting so the people can learn how to read the Quran. In other words they could already read and write. Here in the west we had Ifa philosophers who had apprentices that learned as they worked. That Is a form of education. We were not uneducated before the white n’en came. I advise you correct this post, it’s very misleading

    1. They were highly uneducated,and you’re even more uneducated to put forth such backward and retarded opinion as this.. how can you call someone who killed twins educated?

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