Nigeria: Location, Position and Size


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Nigeria: Location, Position and Size

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Nigeria is located between 4 0 N and 14 0 N of the Equator, and between 30E and 150 E of the Greenwich Meridian. Note that since Nigeria is located between Latitudes 40 N and 14 0 N, the latitudinal extent of Nigeria is 10 0 i.e. 15 0 – 4 0, while her longitudinal extent is 12 0 i.e. 15 0 – 3 0


The position of Nigeria refers to the part of the continent Nigeria is found. Nigeria is in Africa (West Africa). She is bounded in the North by the Niger Republic, in the North-East by the Chad Republic, in the East by Cameroon, in the South by the Atlantic Ocean, and in the West by the Republic of Benin. Nigeria is bounded by French-speaking (Francophone) West African countries.



Nigeria is the fourth largest country in West Africa in terms of land area after the Niger Republic, Mali and Mauritania. The total land area of Nigeria is approximately 923, 768 sq km. The greatest distance from east to west is approximately 1,300 km while from north to south is about 1,100 km. In terms of population, Nigeria is the most populous single country in Africa with a population of over 140 million according to the 2006 population census. Hence, she is often referred to as “The Giant of Africa”.


  1. Describe the location of Nigeria.
  2. State the countries that bound Nigeria.

Political division

Nigeria came into existence in 1914 when the Northern and Southern protectorates were amalgamated; she had her independence in 1960, precisely 1st October 1960. Before this time, Nigeria was governed by colonial masters which include:-

  • Sir Fredrick Lord Lugard.                                       (1912 – 1919)
  • Sir Hugh Clifford                                                    (1919 – 1925)
  • Sir Creamer Thompson                                         (1925 – 1931)
  • Sir Donald Cameroon                                          (1931 – 1935)
  • Sir Bernard Boundillion                                          (1935 – 1943)
  • Sir Anthony Richard                                              (1943 – 1948)
  • Sir John McPherson                                               (1948 – 1958)
  • Sir James Robertson                                              (1958 – 1960)

Nigeria politically is divided into 36 State with the FCT. Each of the State has a slogan or title which can also be used for identifying the state.

The States include the following:-

1 Abia Umuahia God’s own State
2 Adamawa Yola Highest peak of the Nation
3 Akwa Ibom Uyo Land of promise
4 Anambra Awka Home for all
5 Bauchi Bauchi Pearl of Tourism
6 Bayelsa Yenagoa The glory of all lands
7 Benue Makurdi Food basket of the Nation
8 Borno Maiduguri Home of peace
9 Cross River Calabar The people’s paradise
10 Delta Asaba The big heart
11 Ebonyi Abakaliki Salt of the Nation
12 Edo Benin The heartbeat
13 Ekiti Ado-Ekiti Fountain of knowledge
14 Enugu Enugu Coal city State
15 Gombe Gombe Jewel of the Savannah
16 Imo Owerri Land of hope
17 Jigawa Duste The new world
18 Kaduna Kaduna Liberal State
19 Kano Kano Centre of commerce
20 Katsina Katsina State of hospitality
21 Kebbi Birnin Kebbi Land of equity
22 Kogi Lokoja The confluence State
23 Kwara Ilorin State of Harmony
24 Lagos Ikeja Centre of excellence
25 Nasarawa Lafia The home of solid mineral
26 Niger Minna The power State
27 Ogun Abeokuta The Gateway State
28 Ondo Akure The sunshine state
29 Osun Oshogbo State of living spring
30 Oyo Ibadan The pacesetter state
31 Plateau Jos Home of peace and tourism
32 Rivers Port-Harcourt Treasure base of the nation
33 Sokoto Sokoto Seat of the Caliphate
34 Taraba Jalingo Nature’s gift to the nation
35 Yobe Damaturu The young shall grow
36 Zamfara Gusau Home of Agric. Products
37 FCT Abuja Centre of unity


  1. Nigeria is located on lat………?
  2. Nigeria is bounded in the north and south by ……… and…………….
General evaluation
  1. …….. state is regarded as the heartbeat of Nigeria?
  2. Describe the location of Nigeria.
  3. State the countries that bound Nigeria.
  4. What is a scale?
  5. State the types of scale.

Reading Assignment: Essential Geography, O.A. Iwena Pages 229-230.


  1. Write a short note on the location of Nigeria.
  2. Draw the map of Nigeria showing all the 36 states with the FCT.


In our next class, we will be talking about Nigeria: Relief and Drainage.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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