Nigeria: Power Resources


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Nigeria: Power Resources

Nigeria: Power Resources

Power resources in Nigeria

There are four major sources of power in Nigeria. These sources of power are:

  1. Water
  2. Coal
  3. Petroleum
  4. Natural Gas

Hydro-electric power (H.E.P.): This is the power generated by water. Examples of H.E.P. projects in Nigeria are found in Kainji Dam on River Niger and Shiroro Dam on River Kaduna.

Thermal power: This is the power generated through the use of coal, natural gas and petroleum. These minerals are used to power turbine or giant generators in other to generate electricity.

The following are places where thermal plants are in Nigeria:

THERMAL PLANT                 STATE FOUND                      TYPE OF FUEL USED

  1. Egbin                                 Lagos                                     Petroleum
  2. Ijora                                   Lagos                                     petroleum
  3. Sapele                                Delta                                      Gas
  4. Oji                                      Anambra                               Coal


  1. Mention the places where thermal plants are found.
  2. State the sources of power in Nigeria.
Effects of climate on the dam
  1. Inadequate rainfall reduces the volume of water in the rivers or dams.
  2. Excessive rainfall also leads to overflow of water from the dams.
  3. High intensity of rainfall leads to sedimentation of silts in dams.
  4. Intensive heat also leads to high evaporation of water from dams.
General evaluation
  1. What are the sources of power in Nigeria?
  2. Water is used to generate which type of power?
  3. The power generated from petroleum is called_______
  4. Mention the places where thermal plants exist in Nigeria.
  5. Lake kainji is on which river?

Reading assignment

Essential Geography, O.A. Iwena Pages 257-258.


  1. State five problems affecting dams.
  2. Give five economic importance of dams.


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