Other Local Craft Work

Welcome to class.

Craftwork is beautiful objects created skillfully by native men and women. Most of this craftwork is done to perform a certain function.


  1. Weaving: This is the interwoven of warps to create an object. It could be clothes weaving mat weaving or basket weaving.
  2. Leather Work: This is the use of leather to create object like sandal, bag, etc
  3. Dying: This is creating pattern on fabric materials
  4. Blacksmithing: is using metal to produce functional objects like utensil, jewelries and other body ornaments
  5. Embroidery: Is the art of using thread to create pattern on babriga, caftan, Agbada caps.
  6. Carving: Is cutting of wood, stone to create object like walking stick, doors, beautiful figurines


  1. What is craftwork?
  2. Explain weaving.

This is the end of today’s class, if you have any questions ask using the comment box. See you in the next class. Thank you for your time.

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