Problems of Traffic Regulations

Problems of traffic on our roads

The following are some of the problems of traffic on our roads:

  1. Bad roads: Many of our roads are in very bad conditions. There are potholes everywhere.
  2. Corruption: Some officers that are expected to enforce traffic regulations are corrupt. They extort money from traffic offenders, instead of taking them to court for prosecution. This is a major problem in Nigeria. It should be discouraged.
  3. Ignorance: Many of the road users do not know the meanings of the Highway Code. Most commercial vehicle drivers can neither read nor write let alone observe road signs. This group of people should therefore be educated on traffic rules and regulations.
  4. Negligence: A lot of government officials, who should perform their duties, often do not do so. For instance, Vehicle Inspection Officers, who should impound or seize vehicles that should be off the road, often fail in their responsibility. This is a problem in the country.
  5. Bad vehicles: Some vehicles that ply our roads are bad. Many of them are in poor conditions and are supposed to be parked at home if they are not repaired. The Vehicle Inspection Officers should be alive to their responsibilities. They should ensure that vehicles which are not roadworthy (fit to be on the road) should not be on our roads.
  6. Bad weather: Accidents occur frequently on our roads during the rainy season. Poor visibility also occurs at that time and during the harmattan. Care must be taken on the road during these periods.
  7. Damaged vehicles parked on the roads: Many damaged vehicles are left on the roads. This causes accidents and traffic jams. Such vehicles should be removed to allow a free flow of traffic.
  8. Wrong attitudes: Many of our roads are deliberately broken to lay pipes for water. Some roads are filled with sand, gravel and stones removed from gutters, and these litter the roads. There is need for us to change our attitude. Roads should not be broken because pipes are to be laid. The government should ensure that those who do this are punished.



Answer the following questions:

  1. Explain the meaning of traffic regulations and point out the need for them.
  2. Give two reasons why we should obey traffic regulations.
  3. List three agencies that enforce traffic regulations.
  4. List five problems of traffic in our roads.



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