Solutions to Problems of Traffic Regulations

Solutions to traffic problems on our roads

  1. Regular maintenance of roads: There should be regular maintenance of all roads to ensure free flow of traffic. When roads are in good condition, vehicles used on them will last longer, and vehicles will be able to move freely and fast. The government must make it a point of duty to repair or mend roads as soon as the need arises, to make them motorable.
  2. Patrol by traffic officers: Traffic control officers should ensure constant patrol of the roads. When road users see that officers in charge of traffic monitor their behaviour on the road, they will check their reckless behaviour.
  3. Fines should be imposed on traffic offenders: When mobile courts deliver judgment on traffic offenders, their judgement should be carried out. Fines imposed on traffic offenders should be collected and justice should be done. These should serve as examples or a deterrent to others.
  4. Regular vehicle inspection: Vehicles that ply our roads should be inspected regularly. Some of these vehicles are not roadworthy. Such vehicles should not be allowed to be on the roads to avoid accidents.
  5. Bad vehicles should be removed from the roads: Immediately vehicles break down, they should be removed from the road, so that they do not obstruct the free flow of traffic.
  6. Hawking should be banned on the highways: The government must make it a policy not to allow hawkers on the roads. Hawkers move in and out of traffic, hindering vehicular movement. Motorists, too, should be discouraged from patronizing these hawkers.


Answer the following question:

  1. Suggest solutions to the problems of traffic in Nigeria.




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