Types of Clothes Suitable Under Different Weather

Clothing II

Types of clothes suitable for different climates

Different types of clothes are suitable for different weather conditions in our environment. Therefore, we need to wear clothes that will suit our environment.

  1. Cold and wet weather:

During this period, thick clothes like jackets, coats, and cardigans should be worn. Raincoats are also worn to prevent being wet by rain during this period.

  1. Hot and dry weather:

In the hot season, light cotton clothes should be worn. Clothes that can easily absorb sweat and allow fresh air to get to our bodies are the most suitable in this period.

Clothing and some occupations

Some occupations need special clothes. For example, medical officers wear white coats over their clothes when at work. Nurses wear white smart dresses with caps. Lawyers wear a black gown, a white bib, and a wig on their head.

Nigerian soldiers wear smart green uniforms with caps. Policemen wear smart black uniforms with caps. Engineers wear overalls, and caterers wear smart and clean aprons.












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