State Government

State government

Meaning of state government

The state government is the body of people who control the public affairs of many local government areas. A state is bigger than a local government because it is made up of many local government areas. In Lagos State, there are twenty local government areas, according to the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Some of the local governments are Ikeja, Mainland, Ojo, Epe, Ikorodu, Lagos Island, Agege, and Badagry.


Composition of state government

The government of a state is headed by a governor. The governor is assisted by a deputy governor. There are also commissioners who head different ministries. Each state has her capital. The capital of Lagos State, for example, is Ikeja. The capital of Ondo State is Akure, and the capital of Delta State is Asaba. There are thirty-six states in Nigeria.

The governor and his commissioners/special advisers make up the executive arm of government. We also have the legislature, comprising elected representatives of the people, who make laws for the state.

The last arm of government is the judiciary. It is made up of the chief judge, other judges, and magistrates. They try cases in the courts and help to explain the meaning of the laws made by the legislature.

Importance/roles of the state government to the people

  1. It builds roads that are called Trunk B
  2. It provides jobs for the people in the state through programmes that encourage economic activities.
  3. It maintains law and order in the state.
  4. It provides social amenities such as electricity, water, and transportation.
  5. It is the responsibility of state government to ensure justice in the state through the judiciary.




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