Threats To Personal Security (Cultism)

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In today’s Religious and National Values class, we will be talking about Threats To Personal Security

Threats To Personal Security (Cultism)


Personal Security involves taking steps to keep yourself safe and protecting yourself from situations that are potentially violent or criminal. 

Cultism is a secret society which is not open to everybody. Cultism is the act of belonging to a secret cult in an educational institution. Members of secret cult have a particular spiritual beliefs usually regarded by others as misguided.

Causes Of Cultism

  1. Improper Child Upbringing
  2. Peer Group Influence

3.Revenge/Avenging of crime committed

  1. Social Identity i.e Popular in campus
  2. A Carefree lifestyle

Effects Of Cultism

  1. Threat to peace and Security in campuses
  1. They make those who work diligently not to reap the result of their work
  1. Cultist causes death and cause unhappiness to the families affected by their activities
  1. They give bad names to institutions and the society at large
  1. Many cultists risk health problems because of harmful drugs they take.

In summary, Personal Security is important because property can be replaced but you are irreplaceable.



What is Personal Security?


Reading Assignment

What do you understand about Cultism?


Weekend Assignment

Identify the causes and effects of Cultism.


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