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The word abstinence implies abstaining or staying away or avoiding something. In this lesson, we will be considering sexual abstinence, which is abstaining from any form of sexual intercourse for a duration of time set by the individual and for reasons best known to the individual. Some people abstain for religious reasons, others for personal and some others for several other reasons.

Abstinence may be voluntarily in cases where the person stays off for reasons like religion, moral beliefs etc, it may be involuntary in cases where the individual lacks a willing partner and it may also be legally mandated (e.g. in countries where sexual activity outside marriage is illegal, in prisons etc.).


  1. Lifelong abstinence: This type of abstinence is commonly due to religious reasons and can be found amongst monks in the monastery. This is the decision to abstain from any form of sexual intercourse for life.
  2. Delayed abstinence: This is the most common form of abstinence. This type of abstinence is advised amongst young unmarried people. This is the decision to abstain from all forms of sexual intercourse until a particular time. Unlike lifelong abstinence, it is not permanent.
  3. Periodic abstinence: This type of abstinence covers several family planning methods. It entails abstaining from sexual intercourse for a particular period (for example, the days of a woman’s menstrual cycle when she could become pregnant), only to resume after that period. The basic principle of this method is to avoid sexual intercourse around ovulation when the woman is most fertile.

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  1. Recognize abstinence as the best way to avoid pregnancy and HIV/STDs. It remains the safest way still.
  2. View abstinence as a positive choice. Contrary to the popular opinion that abstinence equals missing out, it is actually a positive as long as it is with a good motive. When abstinence is viewed as a positive choice, the individual is encouraged and motivated to stick to his or her decision to abstain.
  3. Recognize teen pregnancy, HIV and other STDs as obstacles to their goals and dreams. This should come next after viewing abstinence as a positive choice. It will help to stay focused and by all means, abstain.
  4. Respond with confidence to pressures to have sex. Confidence in your decision is very crucial in order to promote abstinence.


There are several reasons people abstain from sex, here are a few:

  1. They choose to wait until they are ready for a sexual relationship and the commitment that comes with it.
  2. Some are yet to find who fits into their idea of a right partner.
  3. Intention to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.
  4. Avoiding distractions so as to pursue academic, career or extracurricular activities.
  5. Obeying medical counsel during an illness or infection.
  6. Upholding religious, cultural or personal values


Below are some common myths about abstinence:

  1. Waiting to have sex means you are dumb and old-school. The fact is that abstinence means you are smart enough to know that it is not the right time for you in engage in sexual activities.
  2. The only way to prove your love to a member of the opposite sex is by having sex with the individual. The fact here is that there are innumerable ways to express love other than sex. Whoever truly loves you will respect your decision to abstain.

Irrespective of the reason for abstinence, it has proven to be very safe and reliable.



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