Relationship Between Organism in the Same Habitat


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In today’s Basic Science class, We will be discussing the Relationship between Organism in the same Habitat. We hope you enjoy the class!



In this lesson, we will be considering several relationships that exist between organisms in the same habitat.

Organisms living in the same habitat can either be of the same species or of different species. For instance, human beings and goats live in the same habitat even though they belong to different species.

Relationships usually exist between organisms living in the same habitat. When this relationship is between organisms of the same species, it is referred to as intraspecific relationships; when it is between organisms of different species, like the example given above, it is referred as interspecific relationships.

Many of such relationships exist and we will be considering some below;


competition RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ORGANISMS IN THE SAME HABITAT basic science classnotesng

This kind of relationship occurs in every habitat and this is as a result of a limited amount of resources. It is a relationship where two species, either the same or different, are competing for the same resources. For example, on a land with few shrubs and grasses, herbivorous animals like goats will compete for the available amount of food on that land. Competition eventually leads to what is called “survival of the fittest”.



This is a kind of relationship where one member benefits from the relationship without hurting the other member. The member providing the benefits does not gain anything from the relationship neither is it affected in any way. A very good example of commensalism is the relationship between the Shark and the Remora fish; the remora fish have a disk on their heads that makes them able to attach to the shark, it feeds off the remnants of the shark’s food and also gains protection while the shark remains unaffected. The remora fish in this relationship is referred to as the commensal.

shark and remora fish comenalism RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ORGANISMS IN THE SAME HABITAT basic science classnotesng



Just as the word ‘mutual’ implies, this relationship is two-sided, i.e. both members benefit from the relationship. Both species receive an advantage by working with each other. An example is the relationship between flowers and honeybees; flowers provide the honeybees with nectar and pollen on which they feed on while the honeybees help the flowers spread their pollen from flower to flower in the course of their movement in a process called pollination, and this aids reproduction amongst the flowers. From the example given, you can see that both the flowers and honeybees are benefitting from this relationship.



This is a type of relationship between two species in which one species benefits by obtaining nourishment from the other species, and to the other species’ detriment. The species who gains from this relationship is referred to as the predator, while the one who suffers is referred to as the prey. An example is the relationship between a Lion and a Zebra; the Lion feeds off the Zebra and so the Lion is the predator while the Zebra is the prey.



This can be classified as a predator-prey relationship. It is a kind of relationship where organisms like fleas, ticks, viruses and mosquitoes feed off a host. These organisms are referred to as parasites while the organisms they feed on are referred to as the host. The parasites do not kill the host immediately but feed off on it slowly while increasingly causing harm to it.


Based on the explanations given above, you should be able to classify relationships between organisms you come across in your day to day activities.


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