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In today’s Basic Science class, We will be discussing Drug Abuse. We hope you enjoy the class!

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  1. When a patient misunderstands the directions for use of prescribed drugs. For example, not taking drugs at stipulated times, periods or intervals.
  2. Taking drugs to attain full sexual satisfaction.
  3. Taking drugs to induce sleep without seeking a prescription from qualified medical personnel.
  4. When a patient takes a dosage other than that recommended. In this case, it may be overuse (overdose) or underuse (underdose).
  5. Taking drugs to gain confidence or boldness to commit crimes such as suicide, rape, assault, hurting someone or oneself, among others.

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  1. Parental influence: children whose parents or other siblings are alcoholics or drug users are at greater risk of developing a substance use disorder than those without such history.
  2. Broken homes: Children from broken homes, due to lack of parental care tends to involve themselves in various vices. Also, children with a family history of criminality or anti-social behaviour are more likely to use drugs and alcohol than those without such a history.
  3. Peer influence: Children who have friends that are involved in drug abuse, in most cases, will feel pressured to join them.
  4. Achievement factors: Children who are poor academic achievers are more likely to begin using drugs early and become regular smokers, drinkers and drug users than their more successful classmates.
  5. Social factors: Children who feel alienated from the dominant social values of their community are more likely to use alcohol and other drugs.
  6. Materialistic values: Children and adults can be easily lured or influenced by friends who abuse drugs and who are more materialistic in terms of money, influence and wealth.


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