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When you look at the mirror, what do you see? What do you say to yourself? Do you feel the need to lose weight or add weight, be taller, or modify your appearance in any way possible? All these are related to body image.

Generally, humans are conscious about the way they look and what others think about their physical appearance.

Body image refers to how you see yourself when you look at the mirror. It can either be positive or negative. It refers to one’s perception of their physical appearance. When it is positive, it means there is an acceptance of what one sees in the mirror regardless of body weight or shape while negative means there is disapproval and the individual feels the need to improve their bodies because they are unhappy with the way their bodies look. Features like size, height, race, ethnicity, the color of skin, the color of eyes and hair are major features considered in body image.

Description of Individuals

To describe the height of individuals, words like short, tall, petite, average height, gigantic and towering can be used.

For describing size, words like plump, stocky, overweight, fat, pudgy, medium build, athletic, slender, lanky, fit, slim, muscular, ripped and well-built etc. are used.

For Race, we have blacks usually Africans and Black Americans, Asians etc. We also have diverse ethnicities within a country.

For the colour of skin, we have descriptive words like dark, light, fair, rosy, olive, pimples etc. are used.

To describe the hair, colour, texture, shape, length and more are considered. Words like, blond, fair, auburn, red, brown, black, grey, white, long, puffy, matted, short, curly, frizzy, wavy, permed, straight, bald and receding are used to describe the hair.

We also have different eye colours like brown, green, amber, blue, grey and hazel, or red.

From the above descriptive words, we can see that individuals vary when it comes to their physical appearance.

The importance of having a healthy body image cannot be overemphasized and it means that most of your feelings, ideas and opinions about your body and appearance are positive. This automatically builds confidence and gives rise to healthy self-esteem.

positive body image basic science classnotesng
Having a positive body image will improve:
  1. Self-esteem, which will eventually affect positively the person’s interactions and relationship with others. This goes a long way in bringing about positive motivations in every aspect of a person’s life.
  2. Self-acceptance, making the person feel more comfortable and happy with their physical appearance without the urge to meet up with unrealistic social standards that wants them to look in a particular way.
  3. Healthy outlook and behaviours, making it easier for the person to lead a healthy lifestyle in every aspect.



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