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Meaning of a Disciple

A disciple is a pupil, student or follower who attaches himself to a great teacher and he receives instructions in order to teach others what he had learnt from his teacher.

Jesus Calls His First Four Disciples (Matt 4:18-22; 9:9, Mark 1:16-20, Luke 5:1-11, 27 and John (1:35-51)

According to the gospel of Matthew and Mark Jesus called His first four disciples by the sea of Tiberia in Galilee.

Jesus, first of all, saw Peter and Andrew casting their net into the sea, for they were fishermen. He called them and they left everything and followed Him. Few meters from where Jesus called Peter and Andrew, He met two brothers James and John the sons of Zebedee mending their broken nets, He also called them and they left everything and followed Him.

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After the call of the first four disciples, Jesus came across a tax collector whose name was Matthew collecting taxes from people, Jesus called him and he left everything and followed Jesus as His disciple. Later Jesus called Philip and Philip informed Nathaniel who also followed Jesus.

The book of Luke also recorded that Jesus called His first four disciples Peter, Andrew, James and John by the Sea of Galilee. The disciple had just returned from fishing without catching any fish. Jesus told Peter to go and fish after He (Jesus) had preached the word to them. Peter told Jesus that he had toiled all night but by His word, they would try again. When Peter, Andrew, James and John went fishing again, they had a great catch and Peter was so surprised that he said to Jesus: “Depart from me, o Lord, for I am a sinful man.”

Then Jesus told Peter that henceforth, he will be catching men.

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In our next class, we will be talking about how Jesus called the Twelve Disciples and the Seventy Disciples. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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