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In today’s Christian Religious Studies class, We will be discussing Parables teaching Maturity and Responsibility. We hope you enjoy the class!

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Parables of the Virgins(Matt 25: 1-13)

In the parables of the virgins, Jesus Christ compared the kingdom of God to ten virgins who took their lamps to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish and five were wise.

The wise ones took extra flasks of oil for their lamps. As the bridegroom delayed in coming, they all slumbered. But at midnight, there was a cry,’ Here is the bridegroom! Come and meet him! All the virgins rose and lit their lamps.

The foolish ones begged the five wise maidens for oil, but they were told that their oil was not enough to be shared.

The five foolish maidens went out to look for oil but before they came back, the bridegroom had entered into the marriage feast and shut the door. When the foolish maidens arrived, they stood at the door calling, “Lord, Lord Open to us”. He replied, “I do not know you.”

Jesus concluded the parable saying, “watching, therefore, for you neither know the day nor the hour”.

parables of virgins crs classnotesng


Interpretation of the Parable

1. The five wise maidens are the mature and responsible people because they prepared for the marriage feast by taking extra oil with them.

2. The foolish ones are immature and irresponsible because they did not prepare for the marriage feast by not having extra oil with them. The bridegroom stands for the Lord Jesus Christ who may come for the saints at any time.

3. The parable teaches watchfulness and the need to always plan and prepare in life for whatever we want to do.




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In our next class, we will be talking about The Talents. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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