Some Temptations in Nigeria Today and Ways of Overcoming Them

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In today’s class, We will be discussing Some Temptations in Nigeria Today and Ways of Overcoming Them.

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Some Temptations in Nigeria Today and Ways of Overcoming Them

The temptation of Jesus shows or teaches us that as human beings we are exposed to all kinds of temptation throughout our lives. As children, we are tempted to:

1     Do what is wrong by the devil, our bad friends or by other wicked people in the community.

2    Disobey or insult or abuse our parents, teachers, prefects, seniors and elders in our society.

3     Be dishonest, selfish, wicked and cruel to those we love and to those around us.

4      Tell lies or to take (steal) things that do not belong to us.

5    Quarrel with our friends and fight one another.

6      Refuse to do our homework.

7     Cheat during Continuous Assessment Test or get involved in Examination malpractice.

8    Join bad company (cults) and therefore, behave as bad boys and girls by smoking, drinking alcohol, taking dangerous drugs, engaging in sex before marriage.

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Ways of Overcoming Temptation

 1. Seeking the help of Jesus:

Jesus has given us the Holy Spirit to help and strengthen us during temptation, therefore, we should listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit so that we will not fall into temptation, but if we do, we should confess our sins to our Lord Jesus Christ and asked Him to forgive us. (Psalm 51 will help or teach us how to confess our sins).

 2. Avoiding bad friends:

We should avoid bad friends that will make us do what is wrong and therefore fall into temptation.

3. Saying “No”:

In the following ways:

(a)       Refusing to enter a room when invited by the opposite sex as this might result to rape.

(b)       Refusing to stay in a room alone with the opposite sex as this might result in seduction.

(c)       Refusing to join cult as this might make you kill somebody, which is against the law of God and the law of the land.

(d)       Saying “No” to attend parties because we may be influenced to drinking of alcohol, smoking of cigarette and Indian hemp, thereby making us lose our self-control and bad boys can take advantage and have sex with us and this can result in unwanted pregnancy or we could be infected with STDs OR HIV/AIDS.

4. Joining Christian youth associations:

We should join or take an active part in Christian organization in our churches or schools that will help us overcome temptation so that we can do what is right in the sight of God and in our community. Examples of such Christian organizations are Scripture Unions, Student Christian Movement, Catholic Youth Organizations, Boys Brigade, and Girls brigade, Anglican Young People Association, Methodist Youth Fellowship, the Red Cross and the Young Men Christian Association.

 5. Working hard at school:

We should work hard at school by being regular and punctual in all school activities, attending lessons, doing our homework and studying hard to pass our examination rather than engaging in examination malpractices.

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Moral Lessons
  1. We must learn to prepare thoroughly for anything we want to do such as examinations.
  2. Just as Jesus identified with sinners, so we should learn to identify with our people, by mixing with them, so that we will know their problems and help to solve them.
  3. We must learn to pray to Jesus to help us overcome sin so as to be successful in all that we do.
  1.  We must learn to pray to Jesus to help us live a new life in Him as full members of the Christian community.
  2. As Nigerians, we should learn to say No as Jesus did, to all those who will try to tempt us to do evil or the wrong things.


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