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Careers in the capital market

Capital market is a market where the companies raise funds from the common public via IPO & private placement. It is a link between the investors and the company since the company requires funds for its growth & expansion and investors want to park their money in potential companies for the sake of earning profits in the future.

Capital market is divided into primary & secondary markets.

  • Primary market: it refers to the fresh issue of securities to the public for the first time in the history of the company. Companies who want to raise funds from the primary market can raise via IPO, offer through prospectus, rights issue & private placements.
  • Secondary market: once the funds are raised from the primary market, the stock gets listed on the trading platform for normal trading to happen in terms of buyers and sellers in the secondary market.

Attainable career opportunities in capital markets

The term capital markets actually include all of the activities associated with the flow of financial capital between investors and borrowers.  While public perception centres on public securities exchanges and a handful of specialized investment firms, financial capital primarily flows through other channels.  These include:

  • commercial banking
  • Real estate
  • insurance
  • Government contracting

Capital markets careers are in fact as diverse as the broad range of activities they encompass.  Developing a career in all of these fields does indeed require a commitment of resources to education and training.  Gaining relevant experience is extremely valuable.  These careers, however, are reasonably achievable for people dedicated to their professional ambitions.  Furthermore, they can be financially rewarding and professionally and personally satisfying.

A representative sample of capital markets positions (by sector):

  • Commercial banking
    1. credit analysis
    2. compliance
  • Real estate
    1. Portfolio management
    2. risk management
  • Insurance
    1. actuary
    2. Underwriting
  • Government contracting
    1. Government contract analysis
    2. Government acquisition



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