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Consumer right

A consumer is defined as “someone who acquires goods or services for direct use or ownership rather than for resale or use in production and manufacturing.

Consumer rights are generally a reference to a body of law that pertains to things the producers of goods must do to protect customers from harm. These laws have come into existence through a series of legal disputes, and have been shaped by the results of those cases.

  1.  The right to satisfaction of basic needs: Every consumer has access to basic goods and services necessary for survival, such as food, water, energy, clothing, shelter, health-care, education and sanitation. Goods and services must meet the standard of quality promised such that there is value for money in the purchase.
  1. The right to safety: The consumers have the right to expect protection from hazardous products, production processes and services or faulty goods bought in the marketplace, which if used properly to serve its purpose, is hazardous to your health or life. This seemed more realistic when the consumer product safety act established the consumer product safety commission, or CPSC, in 1972. This federal agency has the authority to set performance standards, require companies to test their products and include warning labels on them, and compel product recalls.


  1. The right to information: Every customer has the right to be adequately informed about the product or service he is buying, based on the quality, purity, potency, manufacture date, method of use and standard. Brands are not allowed to provide misleading information through advertising, labelling and packaging so the customers can make informed products or service choices.


  1. The right to choose: This right ensures that the customers have access and availability to a variety of quality products and services in a conducive, healthy and competitive marketplace. Government practices to promote this right include time limits on patents and regulations against unfair pricing practices.


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  1. The right to redress: A customer has the right to voice out any complaints and be heard. They also deserve compensation for misrepresentation, shoddy goods and unsatisfactory public and private services, the unfair practices of the seller, including the right to adequate legal representation. These rights ensure they have access to benefits, a change of the products or services offered, a refund of money for faulty products or the free repair of them.


  1. The right to consumer education: Customers should be adequately educated about the basic customer rights they enjoy. The consumers should gain acquisition of the skills they require to make informed consumer in the marketplace.


  1. The right to consumer representation: This consumer right advocates that consumers’ interests are heard, represented and considered in the formulation and implementation of economic and other policies affecting consumers. Also, businesses and brands should recognize customer’s opinions and complaints during the development and manufacture of products and services. Consumers should be heard in law courts when they seek redress for any of the above consumer rights that were violated.


  1. The right to a healthy environment: Businesses have the responsibility to formulate policies in the production and regulation of goods and services that are hazardous to the natural environment. The consumers have the right to live in a healthy, pollution-free environment which will enhance the quality of their lives and their generations.

These basic consumer rights can be infringed upon anytime and consumers should be ready to seek redress always.  These rights are applicable to both private and public organizations and enterprises. They are not limited to one sector alone.




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