Techniques development in keyboarding


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Techniques development in keyboarding

When a learner is acquiring the skill of typing, practising it in a set determined way is a must because only that is the way to learn skills can only be learned that way. Our brain learns patterns and repetitions when they are repeated numerous times exactly in the same pattern. Therefore, if the trainee learns the right typing techniques from the beginning, he definitely acquires the skill in a reasonable period of time.

1. Maintain erect posture during typing

Speed typing is essentially physical work and being able to type for longer periods without getting tired counts for productivity. An erect posture that leads to maximum comfort during typing is a must. Maintaining a good posture also keeps aches and pains away that may become long term problems.

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2. Deploy touch typing

Every typing lesson begins with the instruction of touch typing. You should spend the least time touching the keys of the keyboard. The keys should be tapped as quickly as possible within a fraction of a second. For gaining high speed of typing it is very important to deploy touch typing.

3. Use correct fingering

This is the foremost of all the essential or so-called secret keyboarding techniques. No doubt that one can develop his own method of hitting the keys, but typing is definitely fastest if the standard way of fingering is followed. That is because when using the standard method more keys can be hit in any span of given time.


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4. Put the habit of looking only at the screen

Pick and hunt typists have the habit to look at the keyboard most of the time during typing. This is the reason they never learn real speed typing. Speed typing can be learned only by following the practice of looking only at the screen. Of course, it is not easy to attain easily in the first go but you can go to that level with practice. Being able to type and erase without looking at the keyboard is the sign of a learned and skilled typist.

5. Press non-letter keys properly

While there are rules for pressing the letter keys there are also rules for non-letter keys like tab, enter, shift and backspace etc. The enter and backspace keys should be pressed by the little finger of the right hand and the keys like tab, shift or control have to be hit by the little finger of the left hand. Shift key being both on right and left can be hit by either of the hands.

6. Keep a pace in typing

At any time while learning typing it is very important to keep a pace or rhythm in typing. This enables to achieve speed in considerable time. Pushing your limits for speed but at the same time keeping a pace in the speed you have achieved in typing is a real must.




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