Speed development and accuracy skills 


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Speed development and accuracy skills

The most essentials skills to have been discontinued from your school days is typing. Although people tend to underestimate the value of typing faster and accurately, it is one of the most fundamental skill required in any field you wish to pursue.

Be it in writing emails, writing a blog post, or writing copy, typing is one of the most essential skills. As a blogger, typing faster and better will save you a tremendous amount of time spent proofreading your article for errors and crafting the article itself.

While the average typing speed is around 38-40 words per minute, the world record for the fastest typing speed is held by Stella Pajunas who struck a whopping 216 wpm (words per minute) on an IBM electric typewriter!

Typing accurately is as important as typing fast. There is a speed-accuracy trade-off that needs to be considered when you begin practising typing faster.

Faster is not always better if your accuracy gets compromised in the process. Aiming for a faster and accurate typing speed is essential. Finishing that assignment, blog article or just an email quickly and saving yourselves some amount of time in the process is a great way to make room for other tasks.


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Here are a few of the reasons why learning how to type fast is so beneficial in general life and in work

  • save time

Typing is something most of us will have to do a lot of in our jobs. Whether you work in an office or not, you will probably end up having to type on a computer keyboard on a weekly or even daily basis. It stands to reason that the faster you can type, the more time you will save.

When you are tasked with typing up a report, or even when you have to send an email, if you can do so quickly while remaining accurate, you could end up saving a lot of time. Just think of all those emails most people send every day. Add up the time you can save typing up each email, and over the weeks and months that could add up to a lot of saved time.


  • Be more productive

Everyone is looking for ways to be more productive both in the workplace and at home, and typing faster is a simple way to get more done. If you learn to double the speed you type, you can essentially get twice as much done in the same space of time.

Employers might even want to ensure their employees are trained up in touch-typing due to the productivity boost it could lead to. And if you are an employee, you could learn how to increase your typing speed to impress your boss, or you can simply give yourself more time to spend on other things.


  • Improve your posture

Posture may not be the first thing you think about when you decide to increase your typing speed, but it can certainly benefit.

No matter whether you can touch type or not, you will still spend a lot of your time typing in almost any office-based role. Everyone knows that sitting down at your desk for long periods of time without a break is bad for your posture, so it makes sense to reduce the amount of time you sit down. If a lot of your time sitting at your desk is spent typing, you might be able to improve your posture and your health by increasing your typing speed. This will mean less time spent typing at your desk, and that will lead to more time spent standing up and stretching so as not to hurt your back, neck, and shoulders.

When you learn to touch type, you will also learn about correct typing posture. It’s very important to sit up properly in order to stop your neck from becoming stiff and prevent your wrists from causing you pain. You will become more aware of correct posture when you learn to type properly, and you also won’t have to keep looking down at your keyboard, which gives your neck a break and reduces aching.


  • Improve your focus

Another benefit of learning to type faster is that you will not have to look at the keyboard and think about where your fingers are going. Once you are typing fast, you will be able to look directly at the screen, and your fingers will type without you even thinking about the movements.

This means that you will be able to improve your focus. Every time you look down and try to find a key, you are losing concentration, so you will be able to focus more on what you are trying to say than the actual letters that you are typing. So, learn how to type properly and improve your focus, which will lead to a better flow and your thoughts won’t be interrupted as much.




We have come to the end of this class. We do hope you enjoyed the class?

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In our next class, we will be talking about Techniques Development in Keyboarding. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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