Responsibilities of a consumer 

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Responsibilities of a consumer

The responsibility to be aware of the quality and safety of goods and services before purchasing.

The responsibility to gather all the information and facts available about a product or service as well as to keep abreast of changes and innovations in the marketplace.

The responsibility to think independently and make choices about well-considered needs and wants.

The responsibility to speak out, to inform manufacturers and governments of needs and wants.

The responsibility to complain and inform business and other consumers of dissatisfaction with a product or service in a fair and honest manner.

The responsibility to be an ethical consumer and to be fair by not engaging in dishonest practices which cost all consumers money.

The responsibility to respect the environment and avoid waste, littering and contribution to pollution.


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Consumer responsibilities include the following:




Be honest with the information you provide.



Always give full and accurate information when you are filling in any bank documents. Do not give false details or leave out important information.


2 Carefully read all information provided by your bank. When you submit your application, you should receive full details on the obligations for your service or product. Make sure you have access to the details of your obligations, that you understand them and that you can comply with them.


3 Ask questions.


It is important to ask questions to bank employees about anything that is unclear or a condition that you are unsure about. The staff will answer any questions in a professional manner to help you in your decision making.




Know how to make a complaint. You can be proactive in using this service and knowing how to escalate your issue to higher levels, if appropriate. Your bank will provide you with details on how to complain and the timeframe for their response.


5 Use the product or service in line with the terms and conditions.


Do not use the product or service, except in accordance with the terms and conditions associated with them, and after making sure of your complete understanding.
6 Avoiding risk.


Do not purchase a product or service where you feel that the risks do not suit your financial situation. Some financial products or services carry risks and your bank should clearly explain these to you



7 Apply for products and/or services that meet your needs.


When making a request for a product or service, you should make sure that is suits your needs. you must disclose all financial obligations with all parties to ensure the decision is based on your ability to meet you additional obligations after contracting for the product or service.



8 Report unauthorised transactions to your bank.


If you have discovered unauthorised transactions on your account, you should report this to your bank immediately.


9 Do not disclose your banking information.


Under no circumstances should you provide any bank account details or other sensitive personal or financial information to any other party.


10 Talk to your bank if you are encountering financial difficulties. By talking to your bank, you can discuss possible alternative repayment arrangements that will enable you to fully discharge your responsibilities.





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