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Office procedure

Office procedures set the standard for how a staff works together in the office. It is often a set of rules or policies guiding the operations of an office or small business.


Office procedures are necessary to ensure efficiency in the workplace. Handling calls in and out, paperwork, filing, taking messages, customer interaction and even furniture arrangement can all fall under office procedure.


Office procedures create a uniform way of doing things that create consistency, efficiency and professionalism within the office environment.


  1. Appointment scheduling and calendar management: To run a thriving office, it’s important to keep the schedule full, but what’s the ideal balance? If you don’t have set office hours, make them, or learn to pencil in time for self-care and personal activities. Also, if there are multiple practitioners in your office, and two or more share one office, book appointments based on room availability.
  1. Bookkeeping: Learning to manage money accurately is one of the most important office procedures and policies. If your billing and accounts receivable don’t get processed correctly, your business will not be profitable. Make insurance claim filing, patient billing, credit card balancing, and cheque depositing a number one priority.
  1. Client management: Your clients require a lot of time and attention outside of sessions. They may ask for superbills or statements to help with reimbursements from insurance companies or flexible spending plans. They may require referral paperwork or need to complete new client forms. Be available for your clients, yet find tools that will help you manage their needs.
  1. Housekeeping: It may seem like a small task, but who’s keeping your office clean? Your waiting room is the first impression clients have of your office, so keep it clean and stocked with current reading materials. Hiring a weekly – or even monthly – cleaning service to keep your space clean may be helpful, but you’re still responsible for checking their work, too.
  1. Office duties: Filing, faxing, emailing, calling. There are so many administrative duties that are involved with running an office, so designate if possible. If not, manage your schedule to include time for office duties in your workday or hire a part-time employee to work 3-5 hours a week to take over some administrative duties.
  1. Marketing: Getting your business known in your community is an ideal way to attract new clients, so make sure you always keep your website up to date, and your printed products, too.
  1. Record management: Record management is a multifaceted procedure that encompasses many tasks. From writing therapy notes to filing printed paperwork, your official records can be time-consuming.
  1. Security: The most important security aspect is that your confidential records are stored in compliance with regulations. However, securing the building is just as important. Who has the keys to your office or the alarm code?
  1. Staff management & training: One day you’re attending conferences to improve yourself in your field and the next acting as a trainer and keeping your office staff up to date with confidentiality regulations. Staff training is a vital part of running a successful office, but so is performance management. If you work with teammates, discuss how performance evaluations will take place in your organisation.



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